Thessaloniki, 15 June 2020

Dear colleagues,
As a second wave of COVID-19 pandemia is very probable for autumn, the Organizing Committee of the 2nd BALKAN FUNGUS, that was planned to be held in Thessaloniki in 15-17 October 2020, discussed all the different options and decided to postpone it for a safer and more appropriate time.
In order not to coincide with the 10th TIMM (October 2021) and the 21st ISHAM (March 2022), the committee decided to postpone BALKAN FUNGUS to be held in Thessaloniki in 13-15 October 2022.
We are very sorry that such a decision had to be taken; however, we reassure that we looked at all the potential options and this was the only one that could be realistic. We will communicate with you at closer time.
With all our best wishes,
On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Emmanuel Roilides, MD, PhD
Timoleon-Achilleas Vyzantiadis, MD, PhD