Thessaloniki, 27 May 2020

Dear colleagues,

We have just started to get out from the first phase of the pandemic of COVID-19, and thus we contact you to emphasize that we continue our efforts to organize the 2nd BALKAN FUNGUS in Thessaloniki.
Last week the Organizing Committee discussed all the different options and decided to continue working for the meeting in 15-17 October 2020, as it was already planned.
However, next month (early to mid June) the Committee will meet again to reconsider the situation and the newer data, in order to finally decide if the meeting is going to be held in October
by physical presence, by webinar tools or in a mixed way (physically and remotely) or if it has to be postponed for another time.

As the times are very difficult to predict, we would advice that you do not make any travel arrangements yet for the BALKAN FUNGUS October meeting. As soon as we come to a final decision,
we’ ll inform you immediately.

With all our best wishes,

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Emmanuel Roilides, MD, PhD
Timoleon-Achilleas Vyzantiadis, MD, PhD