Ascent initiated its publishing activities from the first day of its operation. It has a broad experience in editing, production and circulation of publications. The graphics department of the company is fully equipped and staffed, so as to create excellent publications.
Publishing activities of ASCENT include the following:

Medical Publications
1.Laboratory Equipment (A biannual printed and internet publication presenting diagnostic laboratories equipment. Publication of first issue, March 1992. Current issue, No 51).
2.Prescription notes for the Health Centers and Rural Public Medical Centers. (Annual Pharmaceutical Prescription Guide. 1993-2013).
3.Nursing Equipment (1994-1998)
Medical Books Publications

1.Greek-English Dictionary of medical terms. Multiple reprints (40.000 copies) sponsored by medical firms and distributed to the doctors of the country.
2.Medicine Interactions. 1st edition, 1994. 2nd edition, 2000 with multiple reprints.
3.Interpretation Guide of Electrocardiograms
4.Normal levels of Laboratory Tests
5.Pre-analytical Factors of Laboratory Tests
6.Oncology Manual
7.Psychosocial Oncology Manual


Artistic Publications

Diaries Series 2008-2016 of literary content, texts by GerasimosRegatos.
Bridge to life – Bridge to Art. Five-book series.
Holy Gospel (leather-bound collector’s edition)
Homer’s Iliad (———————//———————–)
Homer’s Odyssey (———————//———————–)
Hippocratic Collection (———————//———————–)
The Memoirs of General Makriyannis (———————//———————–)
Alexandros Papadiamantis – Short stories (——————//—————–)
Alexandros Papadiamantis – Novels (———————//———————–)
Richard Wagner– Librettos (———————//———————–)
Health in the cycle of the year (———————//———————–)
Medicine in folk songs (———————//———————–)
Herbs in Greek culture (———————//———————–)




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